My Story

When I was a young child I once said,  “When I grow up, the world will have lots of details added.” As an adult, I still stand by that sentiment. The world of electronic music composition has advanced so much since the early 2000s, to the point where anybody with a computer or a phone can drop a few hundred dollars and have a DAW with a complete suite of sounds to work with. What really matters in today’s world is one’s ability to manipulate those sounds and craft music that can turn heads and sums up the personality of the composer.

My first interests in music sprang from my eight-year-old desire to learn how to actually play the old 1920s player piano that sat in the dining room, rather than just pumping my feet on the pedals. I was fascinated by the intricate design of the piano rolls, and how a couple of holes in a piece of paper would translate into complex and precise music. For thirteen years, I studied piano performance, developing a strong skill set and gaining a significant amount of knowledge on classical music. These studies eventually built into a deep passion of mine, paralleled only by my love for video games. While working towards my degrees in Music and Music Industry Studies, I shifted gears from performing on the piano to composing electronic music in the hopes that I would have my music featured in media.

With three degrees under my belt, two Associates’ of Art in Music and Music Industry Studies and a Bachelor’s of Music in Technology and Applied Composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, I have gained a great deal of knowledge related to all sides of music and audio studies. Coming off the heels of the Jolt: Fully Charged soundtrack and having finished work on the Jolt: Fully Charged DX soundtrack, I have also expanded my composition and sound design to include game jams and game modding projects. Currently, I am contributing my sound skills to several small projects that have evolved out of simple game jam submissions, as well as the ambitious rework of the massive Fallout: New Vegas mod, Fallout: The Frontier.